During the two-year project of TAHDIR-MASAR on “Leadership and Democratic Change”, the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), has successfully implemented four training workshops, each comprises four training modules(weeks), targeting the Syrian refugees in Jordan in addition to three training workshops, with one module (week) for each, that targeted the Syrian citizens from inside Syria. Moreover, CSS has cooperated with Spanish Agency for Development and Cooperation (AECID)-Headquarters to implement another fifth training module that targeted the best efficient Syrian refugees that participated in the training workshops of groups three and four.

In addition to that, the CSS has carried out two training modules (weeks) of the fifth training workshop from 14/1/2018 till 25/1/2018, which is considered, the final workshop to be implemented in the last quarter time of the project. Currently, the CSS is in the process of carrying out the two final modules in the coming two weeks from 11/2/2018 till 22/2/2018. Furthermore, the CSS will be cooperating with the AECID-HQ to implement the final workshop of one week in March 2018 that will be targeting the best professional Syrian refugees that participated in group Five along with the best Syrian citizens that participated in the three previous workshops in the previous year 2017, designed for Syrian citizens. All the workshops have targeted participation from the recently and relatively new Syrian civil society in Jordan, and in Syria.

The current training started with the first module which was on” Democratic Transition: Institutional Reform for the Creation of a Democratic State”. The second Module talked about the same subjects but in more elaborated information and details like Executive, legislative and Judicial Power and democratic control. While the coming third and the forth modules will be training Group Five participants on Post-conflict, Peace Consolidation and Democracy. Each workshop includes: conceptual and theoretical frameworks, case studies from different countries, lessons learnt of people have been through conflict and post conflict situations, open discussions, in-depth debates, group work applications and simulations sessions, in addition to weekly fields visits to the related Jordanian governmental institutions to receive information on the Jordanian experiences that are related to theories and conceptual frameworks of the training material.

One of the main objectives of TAHDIR project is to allow the Syrian participants to develop Action Plans and projects targeting the future of Syria that would be realistic and adequate to be implemented during the transitional Phase in the post-conflict state which is anticipated to be implemented in Syria after conflict and violence would end. In addition to the action plans, Syrian participants have been requested to evaluate the workshop on both the daily and weekly bases through comprehensive surveys inclusive of all areas of training, in addition to handling a knowledge test, which are all considered to be processes of monitoring and evaluation towards applying good governance and transparency.

As what has been implemented in the previous seven workshops, a closing ceremony will be held in the fourth day of the module 4 on 21st of February 2018, which will include welcoming and informative remarks about the short and long term objectives of TAHDIR project.