“Fighting for accountability and justice cannot be separated from actively supporting the victims of human rights violations”.

A critical prerequisite for us to be successful in achieving our goals is that society, in general, and the international community are aware of human rights violations. For this reason, we consistently report information that we research, monitor and collect on such violations to international authorities and law bodies. In this effort, we work closely with other NGOs and organizations around the world.

Our primary focus is to help young girls and women alike become the powerful forces they are inclined to be in Syrian society. We work assiduously to provide them with the apparatus they need to effect change in their social environments. In order for Syria to undergo the lasting societal change it needs; these women need to be given the opportunities they require to safely occupy a more chartered role.

We are of the belief that sustained equality and improvements in social construct and in education will be up to the younger generation. Our operations expand to create programs that seek to empower and support our youth. By offering such support and empowerment to the youth, we plant the seeds that will help set the pace for a Syrian society that will offer protection to the rights of all its citizens.

We believe that, for victims of gender-based violations to recover and for our society to sustain itself, GBV issues must be brought to the forefront of social conversation. If we are to truly achieve justice and equality, we must provide these victims with the required psycho-social support they need for them to recover.

2018 Achievements so far

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We are a group of several teams that take a very cohesive approach in working with each other.
We aim to achieve a solution that is sustainable in our pursuit of awareness and justice.



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