List of Implemented Projects

  • “Save Syrian Schools” research is investigating attacks on schools and their impacts on civilians, specifically on children.
    This research is the result of a year of cooperation between 11 organizations, including 10 Syrian organizations in addition to ICTJ, which lead the research. Click here to read more about this project. or Visit: for more details.

  • Legal study on enforced displacement in Syria in partnership with SLDP (2017 – on going).
    This research focuses on meeting people who have experienced enforced displacement inside Syria specifically, including Homs old city, Mafaya, Al Zabadani, Daria and eastern Ghouta.
    Until today, the team on ground was able to meet with 101 persons that have fled their hometowns and moved to Idlib city with no other options. This research focuses on human rights violations in the Syrian conflict from a legal perspective.

  • Women’s survival in Syria and advocacy to reduce gender-based violence (2017 – 2018).
    This project focuses primarily on surviving women and their surrounding communities. It aims to communicate with these women and to provide them with psycho-social support services. Services will be provided either directly or by linking them to specialized associations or organizations that can work more professionally and closely with them.
    These activities are being implemented to raise awareness and change societal mentalities toward women.

  • Engagement with GBV survivors and their communities to address and reduce gender-based violence (2017).
    This project included a variety of activities including: mosaic training for locals, advocacy workshops for both locals and active members of the society, and publishing materials related to survivor issues.

  • Field research titled “Female survivors and problem of integration in Syrian society” (2017).
    This research is investigating integration problems that former female detainees are facing after release. The researcher was able to interview 99 female survivors who have experienced SGBV /GBV -sexual/ gender-based violence through detention. The participants were living inside Syria, in the Syrian countryside and countries of asylum. Click here to access and read the research, or Click here for more details.

  • Providing online capacity building training for locals in a besieged area -the Alwaar neighborhood- in cooperation with Shuhub foundation.
    Preparing a training curriculum for teachers under siege. The training focused on project management and training for teachers on educational qualifications.
    In addition to online sessions for pregnant women, these sessions helped these women to escape the bad conditions they were living in during a siege.

  • Providing awareness raising sessions about family planning for women in besieged areas.

  • Alma Booklet: (2015 – 2016).
    This was an analytical reading of reality for female survivors after detention. This booklet was a written reflection by Mr. Ahmet shikhani, who provided psychological therapy for many female survivors who experienced sexual violence/ rape. Click here to access and read this publication.

  • Providing psychological therapy for 55 women survivors in Syria and countries of asylum.

Psycho-social Support Sessions 2018

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Psycho-social Support Sessions 2017

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Start Point Activities


  • Side event in Geneva tackling the attack on schools.

  • Side event in Geneva on forced displacement and protection of the home and lands property of internally displaced people.

  • Collaborative work with the “Safe the Rest” organization and other Syrian organizations to produce statements and petitions advocating for missing Syrian people and detainees.

  • Conducting advocacy workshops in Syria and Turkey. These workshops targeted active women and survivors.

  • Preparation for a documentary film on the reality of female detainees inside Syria.

  • OISE at University of Toronto invited Start Point as a guest speaker for the “Women in War” class for the Master of Education MED students. Start Point discussed Syrian women, their leadership roles in the revolution, and violence against women. Start Point’s activities and programs were also discussed, including: women’s empowerment, accountability & justice, and an Alma program that works especially with survivors.


  • The Syrian conference of Justice and Good Governance.

  • High level panel at Human Rights Council on forced disappearances in Syria.

  • Participation in the NDI forum for women’s empowerment and advocacy for female survivors.

  • High level panel in Stockholm with ICMP that discussed missing people issues and other countries that have experienced conflict.

  • Training on the 1325 resolution in Scotland with the Beyond Borders organization; the training focused on women entering the security sector.

  • Round Table discussing accountability and justice with ILAC.

  • Participation in the establishment of a Syrian-Italian advocacy group and joint visiting to Rome; included meetings with the Italian Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society organizations.

  • Participation in Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva for a special session on forced disappearances in Syria.

  • Campaign for people experiencing siege and forced displacement.

  • Advocacy for the issue of the ownership rights of the displaced.

  • Participation in a workshop on monitoring and documenting enforced disappearances with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

  • Meetings in Geneva with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Independent Investigation Commission for Syria to address the issue of forced displacement and post-displacement.

  • Meetings with a group of INGOs in Geneva to address issues of women, enforced disappearances and accountability.

  • Participation in crowd funding to provide the needed materials and equipment for female journalist training.

  • Training Syrian females on journalism and photography in cooperation with ASML/ Syria.

  • Signing MOUs with Jasmine Dream Organization, Shuhub Organization and IRC.


  • Launching “Women voices campaign” on international women’s day to share and publish success stories of Syrian women and girls.

  • Participation in roundtable conducted by OHCHR on accountability in Syria.

  • Publishing a booklet entitled “Alma; Survived women in the Syrian society” on International Day against Violence against Women.

  • Conduction of focus group discussions to investigate the booklet content.

  • Joining the protection cluster in OCHA in Gaziantep.

  • Participation in the Event in Geneva handling women’s forced disappearance in Syria.

  • Collaboration with other Syrian organizations on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Syria.

  • Discussion sessions on the rights of minorities in the future of Syria.

  • Discussion sessions on the nationalities dialogue between different segments in Syria.

  • Assistance at the Jordan office after obtaining the Jordanian authority’s approval to work in Jordan.

  • Joining the protection group in OCHA in Amman.

  • Participation in workshops discussing the transitional justice file in cooperation with LDHR organization (Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights).


  • Participation in writing the Human Rights Report of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

  • Advocacy activities for the UPR report.

  • Participation in discussion sessions on the constitutional issues of Syrian women.