Forcible Transfer of Population in Syria

Forcible Transfer of Population in Syria

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Date: 26 February 2018
Place: United Nations Office in Geneva

Welcome remarks:
H.E. Anders Samuelsen, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Denmark
H.E. Sigrid Kaag, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, The Netherlands
H.E. Aurelia Frick, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liechtenstein

Noura AlJizawi, Start point
Anwar Albuni, Syrian Center for Legal Researches and Studies
James Rodehaver, Coordinator, Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria (CoI)

Closing remarks:
S├ębastien Beaulieu, Executive Director for Syria, Canada

By focusing on the forcible transfer of population in Syria, this side event will review the fundamental issues of accountability and transitional justice as essential components of any future negotiation on Syria. The meeting will also serve as a reminder that the rights of IDPs and refugees need to be part and parcel of a political settlement and are addressed not exclusively through a humanitarian approach. Proper mechanisms and procedures need to be set up to protect and guarantee property rights and the return of homes and properties to their legitimate owners; to ensure the right to vote to those that have been forcibly removed from their homes and electoral constituencies; and halt resettlement operations that are being carried out in the cities and neighborhoods whose residents have been displaced.

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